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  • Mohd Hisham 12:33 pm on August 13, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Twitter Removes 140 Characters Limit for Direct Messages 

    logo_safteyspaceIn a move that is long awaited, Twitter has removed its 140 characters limitation. Caveat is, it is only for Direct Messages. With integrations with phones, users on Android and IOS can even exchange Direct Messages via their SMS application, where the messages will break apart after 16o characters.

    This move can be seen as Twitter’s attempt to break into the Instant Messaging market, which is now getting saturated. But since most people would already have a Twitter account, this is just an extension of service.

    Read on below for the press release from Twitter.


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    Parallels Desktop for Mac Giveaway 


    Parallels Desktop for Mac have proven a useful utility for Apple users who has a need to run Windows-only applications, like Microsoft Access and MYOB Accounting packages. If you have the opportunity for a full copy of Parallels Desktop for Mac, what would YOU use it for? Let me know on the short form below.

    As this will be an actual product box, I would prefer that you are in Singapore so that I can send the box to you. If you are International participants, you will have to trust that I will unseal the box and send you the product serial number.

    Contact Us
    Feel free to contact us if you have any questions
    Please enter your name!
    Please enter your email!
    Write your message!
  • Mohd Hisham 12:56 pm on July 26, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Volvo v40 T4 Test Drive 

    I had the opportunity to test drive a Volvo v40 T4. Here are some videos.

  • Mohd Hisham 3:57 pm on June 29, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Make Your Data Invincible With Acronis 


    Check out the video below for a quick refresher on how Acronis approach managing your data backup for you.

    I am a bearer of good news and wondrous gifts. I have several licenses for the Acronis True Image Unlimited to give away. Specifically, I have TEN single-PC/Mac licenses.

    All you needed to do, is to visit my write-up about my journey in doing backup and review of the Acronis True Image software – – and then fill in this very simple form. Please submit any stories or narratives about having experienced data loss – and what you did then. Some of the best entries will be featured on my Facebook Page –


    Canon PowerShot SX520 HS

    PLUS, the best entry will get a chance to win this Canon SX520 HS.

    Here, I’ll make it easier for you.

    Al the best! :)

    If you are surfing from a Public WiFi, please take note that this form will be sent in plaintext, so any information that you submitted to me, may be visible to third party applications or hackers. Please try to use a secure or encrypted WiFi connection. The website will be SSL secured by end of 2015. Caveat lector.

  • Mohd Hisham 6:11 pm on May 28, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: cyber attacks, nscs, readiness, , terrorism, viral outbreaks   

    Sponsored Video: Lets Stand Together 

    Source: National Security Coordination Secretariat

    Source: National

    The National Security Coordination Secretariat (NSCS), has launched the second wave of the Let’s Stand Together campaign – a National Security programme touching all segments of the community. They are focusing on a theme of 21st Century Readiness – specifically into the areas of cyber attacks, viral outbreaks and terrorism.

    As technology is so ingrained in our lives, do we have enough knowledge of how to prevent ourselves from falling prey to cyber attacks? These days cyber attacks are occurring so frequently that it is a growing concern for countries all over the world. With Singapore’s goals towards being a Smart Nation, don’t you think Singaporeans have a very important part to play to in cyber security, to safeguard the nation’s security together as a nation?

    Check out more details on this campaign on their Facebook Page.

  • Mohd Hisham 12:54 pm on May 20, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , cmma, cmma2015, , enterpriseasia   

    CommunicAsia, BroadcastAsia and EntepriseAsia Back in 2015 

    CMMA15Logo(NoTagline) PAT15LogoNoTaglineDownload SatComm15Logo(NoTagline)

    In a press release, the organizers for this year’s CommunicAsia, EnterpriseAsia and BroadcastAsia, have set theme for this year to circle around the seven billion connected devices and the expected US$59 billion to be spent on IoTs(Internet of Things).

    Enabling cities and governments:

    Governments around the world have been investing in technology to enhance city automation and improve efficiencies in areas such as transportation, infrastructure, healthcare, education, logistics and energy consumption. Giving attendees a flavour of what they can expect, here are some examples:


    • Huawei, will be demonstrating at CommunicAsia2015 how their solutions can open roads to a better connected world, through innovative and fun technologies such as the Eye Robot and Smart Lamp Post which help with public safety and surveillance.


    • Singapore company, Mobiquest, will be introducing netBin to Asia. This is the region’s first Smart Bin Management System aimed to increase efficiency of city wide trash removal. The solution has sensors that send out notifications when bins are full with waste to help with the route planning of cleaners. Smart technologies like these showcase new ways of maintaining city cleanliness by minimising overflowing bins, and working towards a more efficient and safer collection service. Mobiquest will also be showcasing AquaSmart, an environment monitoring platform that tracks air pollution, noise level, and more, to help create more livable cities.


    • Skyshot, a Singapore company and Asia’s leading specialist in time-lapse and aerial cinematography, will be showcasing the TBox Titan, the only armoured, weather-proof time-lapse camera system in the world capable of delivering 8K resolution for long duration (up to six years) time-lapse. To launch globally at BroadcastAsia2015, the TBox Titan is ideal for documenting building constructions, ship-building and engineering processes. Also a drone systems integrator, Skyshot utilises drones from makers such as DJI, to design creative aerial solutions across multiple industries.


    Enabling enterprises:

    Aided by IoT, the digital universe is expected to double in size every two years and will multiply by 10-fold to 44 trillion gigabytes by 2020[2]. The huge amount of Big Data brings abundant opportunities for businesses to better understand their customers, determine opportunities to innovate and be more productive. The events will also give attendees the opportunity to see how technology can enable smart enterprises, with examples including:


    • Singapore based company, DFRC, will be showcasing City Analyser, a system that enables analysis and investigation on crowd movements and behaviour. This is achieved by extracting accurate and anonymous information about footfall, stay duration, mobility, distribution and demographics, through passively listening to mobile phone signals. This provide insights critical to improving business environment blueprints and work processes through more accurate determination of crowd habits, enabling targeted and location-based offers.


    “Year on year, we have brought insights and innovations of the latest and best from around the world to the events. Addressing the opportunities and challenges of current trends, the events have been the platforms where stalwart brands like Huawei launch new innovations and impart knowledge. In line with industry trends of 5G, cloud, big data, IoT, security and more, the 2015 programme focuses on empowering smart businesses and cities for this world of global connectivity,” said Ms. Agnes Leung, Assistant Project Director, CommunicAsia & EnterpriseIT, Singapore Exhibition Services.


    Enabling connected lifestyles:

    Proliferated demand for multiscreen viewing and OTT has resulted in more and more consumers accessing information and video content on their smart devices, anywhere and at any time. Continued innovation has played a huge role in enabling an upwardly mobile lifestyle.


    • Ooyala’s recent Global Video Index[3] found that 34 per cent of all video plays were on tablets and smartphones. TV content consumption is no longer confined to the space of the living room, with consumers taking control of when and where they want to view their favourite programmes. Ooyala, in enabling the delivery of TV everywhere through Big Data, makes it possible for broadcasters and businesses to bring to audiences, the personalised videos they want on any screen – be it mobile, tablets or TV. They will be showcasing solutions on how the broadcasting and media industries can leverage analytics to determine and generate new revenue streams, better manage advertisements and monetise platforms.

    “Accessibility to mobile devices and connectivity has changed the way people consume content, resulting in cord-cutting and TV everywhere trends. Alongside Asia’s changing consumption patterns, we designed our programmes to reflect the latest in OTT technology, insight to media analytics, cord-cutting and more, catering to audiences around the region. BroadcastAsia continues to deliver value by providing insight and best practices from industry leaders, and maintaining a platform where visitors can experience the latest developments firsthand,” said Mr. Calvin Koh, Assistant Project Director, BroadcastAsia, Singapore Exhibition Services.


    Opening Ceremony updates:

    To register for the CommunicAsia2015, EnterpriseIT2015 and BroadcastAsia2015 events, please visit:


    Infocomm Media Business Exchange

    Opening Ceremony address by Guest-of-Honour, Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister for Communications and Information

    Date: 2nd June, 2015

    Starting Time: 0900 hrs

    Venue: Level 3, Bayview, Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Marina Bay Sands

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    Tags: jobs, monster, , talentbin   

    Monster Launches TalentBin – Use Connected Services To Find Suitable Employees 

    monster logo

    After acquiring TalentBin in February early this year, Monster wasted no time re-branding it as TalentBin® by Monster and now promotes TalentBin as a Capture-All for infindable talents.

    In a press release and speaking on the announcement, Sanjay Modi, Managing  Director,  Monster  (India,  Middle  East,  Southeast  Asia  and Hong Kong), said that,”Skilled technology talent is hard to find and we have found that many potential candidates are not active job seekers and are less likely to have, and regularly update, a resume or a professional  online profile.  However,  the talent recruiters  are trying to find are online in many ways, leaving bits of information demonstrating the professional skills that make them desirable candidates. This prompts for a need for a disruptive technology to find this talent.” He added that,”TalentBin® by Monster is a solution to the evolution of online and social recruitment. It has an intuitive and specialised communication  template that can assemble candidate profiles from  publicly  available  sources,  limited  to  professionally  relevant  information.  This  will ensure the ‘unfindable’ can be found.”

    Key benefits of TalentBin® by Monster


    • Recruit hard-­‐to-­‐find  talent:  Technical  talent  are  rarely  active  seekers,  with profiles  that  are  non-­‐existent  or  seldom  updated.  TalentBin®  by  Monster helps you find talent where they already live online – not where you wish they would be.
    • Reaches out to professionals where they are active: TalentBin® by Monster provides direct access to email addresses, so employers can reach professionals on the platforms where they are already active.
    • Integrated tools  for  maximum  efficiency:  TalentBin®  by  Monster  allows recruiters to prioritise their time of professionals who are engaged, so they can reduce their time-­‐to-­‐hire.

    In summary, this new platform allows recruiters to locate talent who may not be active job seekers and therefore unlikely to upload a resume.

    • By aggregating public candidate social activity into a rich professional profile, recruiters now can find many previously undiscoverable candidates.
    • TalentBin®  by   Monster   scans   relevant   sites   such   as   GitHub,   Twitter, StackOverflow, Meetup,  Google+  and  other  forums  where  candidates  are active online.

    In a tight labour market, a company’s ability to find, attract, and access the right skilled professionals is critical to success. TalentBin® by Monster not only automates and streamlines the talent discovery process via site monitoring, interpretation and matching, but also simplifies the hiring process to allow recruiters do more in less time.

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    Jabra Adds Gold to its Move Wireless Headphones Line-up 

    We previously covered the Jabra Move Wireless headphones, which came in three colours – cobalt, cayenne and coal. We are happy to share that Jabra has added Gold to its Move Wireless Headphone line-up.


    The smooth, rich gold tone of the headphone slider adds a level of luxury to the otherwise black yet sleek Scandinavian design of the Jabra MoveTM Wireless in Gold. The headphones and its cushioned ear cups are ergonomically designed to provide ultimate comfort for every user as they enjoy up to eight hours of battery life on a single charge.


    Jabra MoveTM Wireless in Gold will be available at Apple premium resellers, Challenger, Digital Style, Harvey Norman stores and authorized Jabra resellers, and at Jabra’s GoWireless online store at a RRP of SGD148.

  • Mohd Hisham 1:49 pm on May 13, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    MyRepublic Launches 1Gbps No Contract Plan 


    In a statement released to the press, MyRepublic has announced that it has launched a 1Gbps No Contract plan. This plan is targeted at customers who cannot commit to the 12 or 24 months subscription plan.

    Check out the features of this new announcement.

    Monthly subscription fee: $69.99
    Service installation charge: $99 ($58 for re-contracting MyRepublic customers)
    Termination fee: Free after 3 months, a one-time cancellation fee of $48.15 only applies if customer terminates within the first 3 months
    Other perks: $70 router discount
    Free Home Voice Standard (with unlimited local calls)
    Free 3 Months F-Secure Internet Security


    This No Contract 1Gbps promotion is not applicable with other MyRepublic fibre broadband promotions.

    Customers on the 1Gbps No Contract plan are also welcome to move to a 1Gbps MyRepublic contract plan should they want to, with a 24-month 1Gbps contract available at $49.99/mth. The move will give the customer one free month’s subscription and no additional service installation fees will be required.

    Interested customers can visit and sign up directly online. A list of MyRepublic retail stores and resellers is also available on the website.

  • Mohd Hisham 11:55 am on April 29, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: american express, amex, mastercard, matchmove, pay, wallet   

    Review: MatchMove Virtual Pay American Express 

    MatchMove Pay Amex

    MatchMove Virtual Pay is Asia’s first eWallet that lets you shop online using virtual cards. As can be seen above, you get your own American Express card, for your on-line shopping convenience. American Express is the current merchant arrangement. In future, more card merchants may be added. Most important of all, no minimum income is required.

    The concept for the usage of the virtual card is similar to the prepaid debit cards in the United States. All you need to do is to top-up the amount required from any of the convenient methods, as shown below.

    MatchMove Pay Topup
    Some Key Highlights about MatchMove Wallet

    • Full credit card security
    • Powered & certified by American Express ©
    • Definitely more secure than PayPal & any other payment methods

    Here’s a useful video to show how to use MatchMove Virtual Pay


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