Last 18 Days – A Nation In Concert

Only 18 more days to A Nation In Concert…… Hurry up, get your tickets now. Please refer to my previous post with regards to this.

Take a look at this video clips to see all that you could possible see during the concert.

Your Date with ANIC

Timothy Go in A Nation In Concert [Part 1]

Timothy Go in A Nation In Concert [Part 2]

Timothy Go in A Nation In Concert [Part 3]

Timothy Go in A Nation In Concert [Part 4]

A Moving Finale Performance for A Nation In Concert 2006

Meet Shelby the slowpoke Sea Snail, Cornelius the Alaskan Crab and Priscilla the Drunken Prawn – a trio of headstrong sea-bottom dwellers who are sick of being looked down upon for having feet (or in Shelby’s case, being just one big foot) in a world of arrogant but oh-so-graceful swimming creatures. They long to express their uniqueness by taking part in a talentime hosted at Madam Manta’s undersea lounge The Ai Hum Club, but all their hopes are dashed when the ruthless Petula Pufferfish threatens to buy up and tear down the club, and even reports the trio to the censors who are out to prevent ‘footers’ from getting too vocal!

Will the trio win their right to be heard? Will the Ai Hum Club survive the invasion of the sea-vil servants? What will it take for the whole undersea community to learn that difference should be celebrated rather than stigmatized?

Joining the cast of over 100 differently abled performers are the following celebrities

Chermaine Ang (Priscilla the Prawn)

Darius Tan (Shelby the Sea Snail)

Pierre Goh (Cornelius the Crab)

Tony Quek (Petula the Pufferfish)

Christina Sergeant (Hannah Hammerhead Shark)

Timothy Nga (Madam Manta)

Karen Tan (Leona the Leopard Shark)

Scott Lei (AC the Electric Eel)

Timothy Go (Tim-MER-thy the merman)

Ben Xiao (DC the Electric Eel)

Joakim Gomez (Mata Skipper the Police Chief)

Terence Tay (Clarence the Clownfish)

Held at the Victoria Theatre on Sat and Sun, 11th and 12th Oct.
Saturday night shows priced at $45, $40 and $35
Saturday and Sunday Matinee at $40, $35 and $25

For more details, visit

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