I Light Marina Bay 2012

To read the official information, slowly scroll through this page. Or jump right to the end to read what I have to say.

I Light Marina Bay will be back this year for the second year of installation of light arts that are visually arresting and sustainable. Apart from that, visitors to the upcoming i Light Marina Bay can look forward to a full array of complementary programmes and activities – including a night picnic and carnival, outdoor performances, guided light walk tours, educational talks and workshops – all to ensure that there is something for everyone.

Continuing their support from 2010, Marina Bay Sands have again showed their support for I Light Marina Bay 2012. Mr George Tanasijevich, President and CEO of Marina Bay Sands, said: “It has been our privilege to play a key role in the transformation of Marina Bay, Singapore’s most exciting urban district. It is therefore an honour for us to contribute back to the community through this innovative showcase of artistic talents at Asia’s premier light art festival. We are happy to give our support to pave the way for a bolder show at i Light Marina Bay 2012.”

I Light Marina Bay 2012, is organised by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) in collaboration with Smart Light Singapore, the 2012 Festival builds on the success of last year’s festival. Themed “Light Meets Asia”, i Light Marina Bay 2012 will feature innovative and environmentally sustainable light art installations by 30 multi-disciplinary artists, with a strong focus on works from Asia.

I Light Marina Bay 2012, the second edition of Asia’s first and only sustainable light art festival, will return in 2012 from 9 March to 1 April 2012.

Mr Mark Goh, Deputy Director of URA’s Place Management Department, remarked: “We are glad to bring this festival back to Marina Bay for the second time. i Light Marina Bay provides a great opportunity for locals and tourists to come down to appreciate the creative light art installations and explore our city’s signature waterfront. i Light Marina Bay also aims to promote the awareness and use of energy-efficient technology so that we can all play a part in creating a more sustainable urban environment. ”

The Festival’s curatorial team is helmed by Festival Director Ms Mary-Anne Kyriakou, and includes two co-curators: Ms Charmaine Toh, a Singapore visual arts curator; and the team from local award-winning design studio FARM. In line with the theme “Light Meets Asia”, the curatorial team has selected 30 light art installations from almost one hundred submissions. The list of selected installations features a strong representation from new, emerging, and well-known artists from countries across Asia, including Singapore.

Alright – that up there are all the official words that is needed to ensure you have the correct information. Now, I have attended 2010’s I Light Marina Bay and I am impressed by the light installation art and I am really looking forward to what the organizers have for 2012. 

The various images you see above, are something that is the focus for 2012. As Festival Director Ms Mary-Anne Kyriako described, “The success of the inaugural event in 2010 has drawn strong participation from the creative industry in the upcoming Festival. We are very heartened by both the number and quality of submissions this year. We saw not only a significant increase but the quality also sets a new benchmark for future Festivals. This time round, the event will have a stronger Asian focus featuring more Asian multi-disciplinary artists, many of whom will be creating light art for the very first time.”

Ok – so I had to include the Festival Director’s words as I cannot described it any better.  

One thing I am looking forward to – being a technology enthusiast is a lot more guides available in mobile format. Be it IOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, Symbian, BlackBerry – or simply put – mobile web navigation. Let’s see some effort. For last year’s arts events, I have seen half-hearted attempts at such a move. Singaporeans, or visitors, generally are lazy to research and plan their route before visiting the art installation work. Only those who are keen to know more will bother. With the exciting line-up as described above, some of the more interesting works may be neglected. 

So, hopefully, the organizers will care to introduce useful links or QR Codes near directional signs that visitors can capture, activate and have access to the entire i Light Marina Bay 2012, right at their finger tips. All you need is a little research into this area, NOW, not later, not 2014 – NOW. The technology is available at your disposal. Use it. 

I am curious if for 2012, the buildings around Marina Bay area will turn down some of their electrical usage to offset the use of light art installation during the entire season of i Light Marina Bay 2012. This was done in 2010, so it would be cool to see a repeat. Although the light art installations are supposed to be low-powered and sustainable, every kilowatt of energy saved is better than not having them at all. 

(text in blue are my thoughts)