@HackerSpaceSg on @ChannelNewsAsia S.P.E.E.D Programme

HackerspaceSg appeared on ChannelNewsAsia’s S.P.E.E.D programme recently. S.P.E.E.D. is the acronym for Singapore Property Explored Explained & Deconstructed. It is CNA’s programme, presented by Otelli Edwards, where she explore the various facets and facades of the property landscape in Singapore.

Check out this video to learn more about HackerspaceSg from property ownership point of view in the area of co-working spaces.

Incidentally, HackerspaceSg is ramping up recruitment drive. Take a look at the membership plans below for an overview.

Level Monthly Added Benefits
Resident $512 A dedicated desk 7 days a week for co-working. You can keep your crap at the desk.
Hotdesk $256 A non-dedicated desk should be available whenever you drop in (oversubscription may occur at peak hours, we aim for 90% availability). You cannot keep your crap at the desk.
Regular Member $128 Hang out on the sofas. Keep your crap in a locker (rental rates applicable). Use the workbench. Keep your toys and tools onsite.
Youth Member $64 If you’re a student or you’re broke, all the benefits of regular membership at a reduced rate.
Trial Member $32 If you’re not sure if you want to commit, join as a trial member. No locker, no business card, no email address, no 24 hour access to the facility. But you do get to hang out, which is what matters.After 6 3 months if you want to stay on, upgrade.
Sponsor >=$1024 For wealthy individuals to show support for the hackerspace. Contact mengwong directly if you want your donation to be anonymous.
Guest $0 For infrequent visitors or foreign travelers. Must be accompanied by a member.

If you like what you see and want to sign up, head on to http://hackerspace.sg/readme-txt/membership/