Taking the HP Envy Spectre Apart

What can you hope to learn, if you take apart this beautiful HP Envy Spectre? You can view the video below or read through my summary notes, below the video. This video is from a TechRepublic blog by @BillDetwiler (flash video)

Summary Note:

The HP Envy Spectre that @BillDetwiler took apart, comes with 128GB SSD. No surprises there. What is notable though, is the fact that, HP have another slot for an additional SSD drive!

So, not only can you swap out the SSD, you can also upgrade the RAM memory. However, this is made difficult as you need to disassemble the motherboard, before reaching the slot where the RAM memory card is located.

@BillDetwiler describes the HP Envy Spectre as a solid, well-built system, that is easy to disassemble and have replaceable parts.

I hope this information helps in your purchase for the HP Envy Spectre. As an owner of the Asus Zenbook X21, I would have appreciated to know if my ultrabook can be upgraded. You may want to consider the future use when deciding purchase. The HP Envy Spectre is a wonderful ultrabook that I would want to get my hands on, even if I do not really need to take it apart.

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