Men’s Fashion Week 2012 Returns to Marina Bay Sands

Men’s Fashion Week 2012 returns this year to Marina Bay Sands with a charged explosive entertainment. Be prepared to be wowed by design creations from Savile Row and other designers from the British Isles to the dynamic Asian designers from Korea, Japan and Singapore. Be mesmerized as entertainers, crossing a spread of musical appetites, from the premium classical sounds of Steinway to heart-pumping pop, rock, hip hop, J-Pop and K-Pop.

Frank Cintamani, Chairman of MFW Singapore, Women’s Fashion Week (WFW) Singapore and Haute Couture Week Asia said, “Given the success of last year’s spectacular offering, the immediate challenge is to move things forward and raise the bar this year. If the heart of fashion shows is the labels and clothes, music will certainly be the soul. Fashion, like music, is something for all to appreciate. As such, MFW Singapore 2012 will experience a fusion of sartorial elegance and eclectic beats. You can call this, the Music and Men’s Fashion Week, or M2FW, edition.”

Kien Lee, Festival Director of MFW Singapore said, “Most fashion events in Singapore have the designer of a particular collection showing as part of opening and closing shows, but for us, the unique appeal of MFW Singapore is that the designers who are participating will all be here in person to give the event an inevitable distinction and prestige. As a means of developing greater appreciation and awareness for fashion, design and couture, this is absolutely key.”

image credit: MFW2012

Useful Information:

Held at: Marina Bay Sands – Convention Halls F
Dates: 18 1to 22 APRIL 2012

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Official Twitter:!/FideFashionWeek

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