DropBox File Sharing Changes

According to LifeHacker, DropBox have made some changes to its file sharing system. From now on, you need now transfer data to the Public folder and get the link from inside Public. Now you can get the share link from anywhere in your DropBox.


I disagree with this move. No doubt, if there are any vulnerability on DropBox end, a single Public folder will not be sufficient. But if you suspect that there is a leak from your DropBox, the state as it was mean that you only need to monitor one folder – Public.

With this move, I suggest DropBox create a separate link to show which link have been shared out or which link have  had a request for the link share. This will ensure users know which data have been shared out. An additional suggestions would be to have a simple analytics on how many have access that particular link share.

I guess the Paid version of DropBox would have the features I suggested, if not, DropBox will need to convince people like me that they care about security as much as the convenience to end users.


Thanks to Wilfred Phua for sharing the LifeHacker Link. https://twitter.com/#!/wilfredphua

Image used provided by DropBox.