Nokia Lumia 900: A Review

Nokia Lumia 900

I just opened my review unit of Nokia Lumia 900 & I’m set for business in 10 minutes! How’s that for efficiency?

That was how I described the experience using the Lumia 900 when I first got the phone and while sharing it on my social networks. Since I am already using the Nokia Lumia 800, I had all the accounts needed to quickly get into gear but let me just take through the setup experience.

I am required to insert the SIM card. So. off came the top off the phone cover via a special screw and in goes the micro-sim card. Turn on the phone where I was asked to choose the language and the locale I am in. I am offered the option to automatically configure the SIM card for data usage. Did that. I was asked for a Microsoft email to use or create a new one. I have one. Put that in. Done.

And yes, Done. I was able to make calls not too long, 3 minutes wait at most. Then I head on to Settings and setup email addresses for my other critical work which is using the Google Mail interface. No problem there. During the set-up, I can see that the phone is furiously syncing itself with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, using the settings I previously set with the Nokia Lumia 800. This is about as simple as you can get to start using the Windows Phone platform – I am sure the experience is the same across all brands and models.

Comparing the Nokia Lumia 800 and the Lumia 900, one can already notice the huge screen size difference. You may want to check out my previous review of the Nokia Lumia 800, just to be sure.

One of the main strengths of the Nokia Lumia 900, have got to be its battery life. I set aside one day, where I turned on all the bells and whistles of the Nokia Lumia 900, bluetooth, wifi, GPS coordination via WiFi and SIM detection; social network utilities like Twitter and Facebook.

For the record, although the Nokia Lumia 900, indeed, all Windows Phone 7 phone models, provide the integrated social network approach, where Twitter and Facebook are integrated tightly into the core usage of the phone; you can always choose to install your own applications. Which I did. I installed my favourite Mehdoh Twitter application as well as Facebook for Windows.

So having done all of the above, and continue using the phone; I took the phone off the charger at 0730hours and it lasted me until 2230hours. Friends know that I am a heavy social network user. I took a lot of photos and I even played a 720p video of Game of Thrones, Episode 8 (in case you are interested). With all these usage, the Nokia Lumia 900, takes it all in its stride and I was not made of aware of the declining battery usage until night falls and it really is time to sleep! So, that was one of the most amazing discovery for this phone. Long battery life.

All other experiences are similar. There is a standard for using Windows Phone and it is up to the individual manufacturers to put in the best hardware into their Windows Phone. The Nokia Lumia 900 appeals aesthethically as the body have a solid finishing of deep paintwork. I am told that I can continue scratching the surface and the the colour will not come off. Let’s be honest, I am a guy. I am not always carrying my phone in a pouch like most people. I just put them in my pants pocket, even if it may show off un-strategic shapes on the outline. lolx :x

The pockets in the pants will have keys and coins and it is impressed upon me that I do not have to worry about it scratching the body surface or worst, the screen. The glass screen would have to be the toughest I have seen. Yes, the Nokia Lumia 900 is admittedly heavier than most phone. But with a screen size of 4.3inches and I expect some devotion to add more battery cells, at 160grams, that is the weight that you can expect. I actually looked up the specifications on the battery, and it is just 1830mAh. So, I cannot really explain to you why the battery last so long compared to other phones.

I am honestly happy using the Nokia Lumia 900. Like the Lumia 800, it is fun to use and I need to call upon all the developers to keep making great apps for the Windows Phone platform. I am still waiting for Path.

For the specification hungry of you, check out the details on .

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  1. ackabr says:

    I agree, the Lumia phones set up has been very good and pleasant. However when I was using the Nokia 800, I hated the fact that i had to have a Windows Live account. It just felt very unnecessary. Furthermore, when i was setting up my email accounts, one of my two Gmail accounts could not refresh. 
    As for apps, i do believe that Win7′s integration should be the way forward. However the app development for Win7 still pales in comparison to the iOS and Android platforms. 
    Are you able to RT and Reply all on Twitter based on the integrated platform? I couldn’t do that previously. Hope there has been a software upgrade by now!

    • mhisham says:

       @ackabr heya! Thanks for commenting. Yes, I understand the annoyance of not wanting to create yet another email account just to use a phone. Since I was sold on the platform, I did not have the initial resistance I guess. 
      App development on Windows Phone 7 definitely have to take longer strides in overcoming the perceived/real opinions on their value and quality of their products. Let’s not dwell too much when common apps, including my favourite Path is not even on the Windows Phone platform yet. 
      I am able to do a simple RT and Reply. When Replying all, the integrated twitter app provides clickable(touchable) @rnicks to include in the reply. As I indicated earlier, a simple RT is provided but no editing facility provided. You need a third party twitter application for that. 
      I hope I have answered your queries! :) 

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