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I am going to start with Statigram. I re-installed Instagram back on my Sony Xperia Arc S as I saw Jayden shared a contest, #ChangiAirport on Facebook. And then, later on I realized that this app provides a nifty feature for my Facebook Page. But before I post a screenshot of that, let me share with you an info-graphic.

statigram info-graphic

And yes – there you go, a simple info-graphic created by Statigram for me. I love what it is telling me, the way I like my pictures are usually without filters. Probably one of the many reasons I never got on the lomography bandwagon. I love my photography the way my eyes see it.

Here’s a fun image.

statigram top 6 prefered users

Yeah this is a fun image. The top 6 prefered users on Instagram for me. Well, for a time, I actually uninstalled Instagram from my phone, so this is probably old data. I prefer Path. And I am still waiting for Path for my Windows Phone 7, the Nokia Lumia 800. Last I checked, the CEO says it will be out in 2013, so oh well.

Next, I was going through my mail – and I think this needs to be spread far and wide.

Donate Cash or In-Kinds to Lion Befrienders’ Senior Citizen Activities Centre – National ICT Volunteer’s Day 2012‏

So, if you have the additional cash or valuable items that will be of use to the Lion Befrienders’ Senior Citizen Activities Centre, do click on the link above. =)

Additionally, you may have missed my previous post about going for Hair for Hope 2012. So far, I have raised $20. My target is $500. So please help me achieve my target by clicking on this link or the image below. =)

Hair For Hope 2013 Target $500

And oh yeah – the link for my Instagram feed on my Facebook Page is =)

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