Luxury Insider Unveil Singapore’s First Luxury Shopping App

Luxury Locator

Luxury Insider have unveil an exciting IOS app called Luxury Locator: Singapore. They posit it as the app to use if you want to do luxury shopping.

They are targeting visitors to Singapore as well as local shopaholics.

The app lists and organizers the most essential luxury brand boutiques and shops in Singapore.

The Luxury Locator app complements the Shopping section of the Luxury Insider website, .

It promises complete and accurate information.

You are able to find branded boutiques using three main criteria: By Brand, By Product Category or By Location.


Luxury Insider, in their press release, also briefly described how the three main criteria work.

Searching By Brand is great if you already know which brand you’re looking for. You
can quickly browse the app’s database for standalone brand boutiques, as well as
retailers carrying the brand you’re after.

You’ve set your eyes on the latest Breguet timepiece. Scroll through the
Brand list, tap on ‘Breguet’ and you will see the nearest Breguet boutique, or
the nearest retailer offering Breguet watches.

Use the By Location function to find luxury boutiques and retailers in one of the 4
main shopping areas in Singapore. This will help you to plan your shopping trip if you
know where you’re going to be.

You’re headed to Orchard Road for a business meeting, and have time to
spare. Before you even leave the hotel, click on the By Location button to see
what brands are in the area of your meeting: bingo! Giorgio Armani is right at
your doorstep, perfect to try on that dress you’ve had your eye on.

By Category is useful to hone in on shops that carry the product you are looking for,
be it handbags, watches or shoes. The app clearly indicates whether a store carries
gender-specific products so it’s easy to shop for yourself, your partner or friends.

Your husband has hinted that he wants a pair of Alfred Dunhill shades for his
birthday. Click on the By Category button, search for sunglasses, and select
from a list of relevant stores that carry men’s accessories.

Additionally, Luxury Insider shared that the Luxury Locator: Singapore app will be available on the Android platform later this year.

Check out the images below for screenshots of the Luxury Locator: Singapore app.



Luxury Locator

You can find the Luxury Locator: Singapore app on Apple Store or you may click on this link.

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