Mapping Out Your Digital Life

Are you a digital hoarder? Is your email or social networking account out of control? Take a peek into the clutter that can make up your digital life.

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Article by Mohd Hisham

Focus on technology, HIV/AIDS Awareness, Dementia and supporting several other social causes. Write mostly about the independent Arts scene in Singapore as well as the general works as organized by the various government bodies. Has a fascination with photography and indulge in a little mix of video editing. Very keen on living the social media experience without going over the top.
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  1. ChrisHansen says:

    I am put in mind of the story about the advertising agency chairman who said that he was aware that half of his advertising money was wasted. His board told him to cut out that 50% so that it wasn’t wasted. He looked at them and said, “The problem is, I don’t know which half.” Same here. If you get rid of something, it is almost certain that within a month or two you will desperately need something you’ve deleted.
    It’s better to make sure that you have a rational filing system so that, if you need something, you waste no time in finding it. And storage is now so cheap that, strictly speaking, if you’re running out of space you just buy more hard disks.

    • mhisham says:

       @ChrisHansen thanks for commenting Chris! ;) 
      Interestingly, I had a nice conversation early this evening on the usefulness of archives and tape-backups. We both agreed that hard disk drives have a higher rate of failures as compared to tape drives, even if both are of magnetic material. 
      My conversation partner, an editor from MalaysiaKini, lost about a month’s worth of data because a hard disk “fried” as relayed by one of her staff. Thankfully though, she had a backup copy on tape drive. 
      You are right, in that, if we are to keep everything, then we need to have a rational filing or naming system (i think both are complementary too!). I do believe in the instant search factor of having data in hard disk format – in a live environment, always responding to search or GET functions, depending on the OS you run. And having a regular archive system in place, just in case hard disk malfunction. 

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