Startling Illumination from Philips

Philips Ledino Ceiling Light 40544 chrome


It is a little unfortunate the lighting fixtures for my home is complete and I see no need for further additions, lest I break the flow of harmony. However, I suppose if I am adventurous enough, Philips do provide an excuse to step away from the beaten path of regular lighting fixtures and design.

Philips Ledino Suspension Light 40609.jpg

In their Ledino Gen III range, they have a series of very futuristic designs that may just give the reason to break away from conventional lighting arrangements. In some cases, their designs can be discreetly placed, so you need not worry too much about breaking the YinYang of the lighting and furniture at home. Here’s one design(Philips Ledino Suspension Light 40609) which I consider to be very discreet.

Philips Cielo (Roomstylers Pendant Light) 40550 gold.jpg

For households that want to feature the more conventional lighting fixtures, there is the Philips Room Stylers LED range. I don’t think combining both styles in a single household is wise. But I have been surprised by stranger arrangements before.


Philips Ledino Gen III and Roomstylers range of products are available at all Philips Home Lighting stores. More information on the lighting products can be accessed at - You can also view the rest of the exciting photos on

Philips Ledino Ceiling Light 40544 brass

Philips Ledino Wall Light 53150



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