Enjoying the Beauty of Rain Indoors

Rain is part and parcel of the daily grind in Singapore. We have come to expect rain, which sometimes arrive unexpectedly on a hot afternoon. The unluckier folks among us swear that the rain, conspiratorially comes down they are least prepared for it. The rest of us who are more easygoing look forward to the rain where it brings the soothing, therapeutic feel-good feeling and lowering down of the temperatures which have sent many of us scampering for the nearest indoor location that provides a sixteen degrees air-conditioned cooling!

It is with some these thoughts and also to bring back the familiar sight of Mylar Cords, that circular curtain of water structure that straddles three stories of the Changi Airport Terminal 1 building, that lead to the creation of Kinetic Rain.

Here is the description of Kinetic Rain from Changi Airport.

Kinetic Rain, installed as part of T1’s recent refurbishment, is the icon of the revamped Departure Check-in Hall. This specially commissioned sculpture, a first in an airport globally, comes as a pair, each installed several metres apart from each other and visible from many areas of the Departure Check-in Hall.

Kinetic Rain is made up of 1,216 bronze droplets that transform elegantly into multiple shapes, akin to poetry in motion. Carrying an aviation theme, the key element in every shape shows the movement of flight through slow, fluid movements. Some of the more recognisable shapes include an aeroplane, hot air balloon and a kite. One can also make out a dragon and a flock of birds amongst the 16 different programmed segments. Each droplet is connected to motors installed in the ceiling of the Departure Check-in Hall.

The motors contain a high precision rotary encoder which keeps track of the exact position of each droplet. A computer programme is used to control the movement of the droplets to form Kinetic Rain’s unique shapes and patterns.

A video on the making-of Kinetic Rain can be viewed below.

Check out the images below for examples of the various shapes that the Kinetic Rain can form at different times of the day and night.

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