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Hawk Liu is a personal friend who invited me to his performance together with several other performers in this special Broadway meets Opera feel-good concert. I thought I let more people be aware of this concert. You can check out the facebook event page below.

They will perform Broadway pieces by Bernstein, Sondheim and Hammerstein and opera music by Puccini, Mozart, Handel, and more, including rarely performed pieces from Puccini’s Madama Butterfly. The concert is expected to be a treat for opera and musical theatre fans alike!

Check out their practice video below.

About the performers

Grace Roberts has a passion for musical theatre and played roles in various productions, including Into the Woods and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Evelyn Kauw is a singing enthusiast and has taken part in a number of competitions. Some of her accomplishments include winning 5th runner up in the MMSing Talent competition 2012 and being selected as one of the five finalists throughout Asia for the Let Me Be Your Star Contest.

Shahdon has been performing since he was a student in his school’s drama club. He has also performed with Yellow Chair Production and Musical Theatre Limited.

Karen Seah is a business owner of performing arts shows for schools. She is a dancer and instructor with Argentine Tango. Karen likes to explore other cultures by traveling and her next stop is Latin America.

Andrea Goh is an urban planner and enjoys traveling, design and musical theatre.

Sean Lai is an aspiring actor who has acted in a few amateur productions, and has started singing lessons only a year ago.

Aylwin is a professional pool player with a lawyering hobby. He spends a disproportionate amount of time on the latter so that he may continue being the former. He just started learning how to sing a year ago.

Hawk Liu has nearly 30 years of performing experience in Singapore and Australia in opera, choir, musical theatre, orchestra and television/film. He sang as a soloist in many concerts and was a member of the West Australian Opera.

Venue : Living Room
Ticket Price (Regular) : $23.00
Concession -
Student : $20.00
Seniors : $20.00
NSF : $20.00
Earlybird Discounts : $20.00 (Jul till 31 Aug 2012)
Seating type : Free Seating
Dress Code : Smart-casual
Restrictions : No children under 6 years old
: No audio & video recording
Conditions : Please add to above price $2 Ticketing Fee per ticket.
  Charges include GST where applicable.

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