What Drives You?

If you have been following my site, you will know that I am not shy to admit that I love the Nokia Drive application (and Nokia Ovi Maps as it was known previously). You will know that those applications have saved my vacation countless of times even at places where there are little to no internet connection. Oh, and I also love the Surfer Dude voice.

I recently met Ms Winnie Kwan, a Senior Marketing Manager with TomTom Asia Pacific, on her stopover in Singapore. I spoke candidly on this little fact in the paragraph above and more. For instance, we also talked about how I used a common sports tracker application known as Endomondo Sports Tracker to monitor my walks. Ms Kwan highlighted that the Nike+ SportWatch GPS watch does everything Endomondo do and it even includes the altitude tracking – something a little bit more.

The image above is the latest GPS Navigation product from TomTom. It is also the biggest. Called Via 620, it offers a high resolution display at 6″ with bigger on-screen buttons, which allow drivers to enjoy a clear view of their route safely and easily. Now if I remember my Italian well, VIA is Italian for WAY – so it is an apt name for the TomTom product series – I will have to ask the representatives again if this is so.

Some of the selling points for TomTom GPS navigation products include free lifetime maps of South East Asia, covering Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei, Hong Kong and Macau. Physically, the Via series feature a dual mounting system, giving drivers the flexibility to mount the device on either the dashboard or the windscreen – whichever provide the clearest direction and definitely of utmost importance, safety.

TomTom already have an IOS application, which can be installed on the iPhone and the iPad. Their latest version is (v1.11) will enable users to navigate to addresses found on the Internet, search with foursquare and get the latest TomTom maps. A plus factor is the ability to use offline as well as turn-by-turn navigational instructions. TomTom also released a Hands-Free Car Kit for iPhone to complement the app. An Android version is expected to be released in October, after TomTom have unveiled it at IFA.

I asked Ms Kwan if TomTom have a Singapore office as I am still new to the company. She replied that since TomTom have acquired TeleAtlas, their office will be the contact point for drivers in Singapore. This is a very useful information for after sales support needs. The TomTom website is already a good link for technical support and also the go-to site for map updates, which is given out on a quarterly basis.

I will be asking the representatives for a review set for both Nike+ SportWatch GPS and one of the VIA or GO series GPS navigation product, possibly to be tested on small and lesser known routes.

To get further information, do check out their website at http://www.tomtom.com

Reflecting on the title of this post, maybe it is not so much what drives you, rather, how you are driven. Thoughts?


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  1. kapaionutz says:

    I used TomTom before but now i actually like Garmin. I use it on my Android phone and tablet, it has better maps for Europe.

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