Norton Unites The Family with New Products

 Norton recently launch a new product and re-brand product names. No longer will you see version numbers behind each product, they will all be uniformly titled respectively.

As can be seen on this post’s title, there is a product that will unite the family. That is the Norton 360 Multi-Device. In a typical family, there will be a couple of computers, on Windows &  MacOSx and some phones or tablets on Android.

A note on smartphones and computers not directly covered by the Norton products, you can configure your wireless network  or the network configuration within the smartphones or computers, to use Norton DNS, a layer of protection is achievable. For configuration instructions, do check out Norton DNS Site. On popular social network, Facebook, please use the Norton Safe Web to continually ensure that your news feed and your timeline, is safe from harmful malware.

In addition to industry-leading core security technologies, the new Norton releases feature protection enhancements including:

  • Social Networking Protection – New defenses protect consumers from attacks and scams on social networks, such as likejacking, malicious messages, posts and notices on social networks
  • Scam Insight – Anti-scam capabilities warn users of potentially risky sites that are new or do not have an established reputation within the Norton user community, enabling users to keep personal information such as bank account or login data secure
  • Enhanced Network Defenses – To keep consumers safe from constantly evolving web-based attacks, the latest releases feature stronger networking defenses including a new Intelligent Firewall and broader uses of Insight information, which now tracks IP address reputation in addition to file, URL and domain reputation


With consumers becoming more on-the-go with devices such as tablets and ultrabooks, faster startup, shutdown and improved battery power are increasingly important. The latest Norton products feature:

  • Faster Startup & Shutdown – Completely re-engineered to minimize startup and shutdown time
  • Maximized Battery Power – Reduced power consumption, resulting in extended battery life and faster response from system sleep and hibernate states
  • More Efficient Support for Digital Media Files – Designed to ensure digital media files – such as photos, music and videos – are safe from attack, without impacting performance


In addition to being safer and faster, Norton products are also simpler to use, offering enhancements including:

  • Touch Screen-Friendly – User interface is engineered for faster performance and optimized for touch screens
  • Version-Less – With all product updates now downloaded in the background and installed automatically, consumers can rest assured they are safe from the latest threats without manually checking for updates
  • Reboot-Less – Product updates no longer require reboot, so consumers can receive the most up-to-date protection without being interrupted

I made several screenshots of the Norton 360 interface that I already have, prior to the version upgrade and after the version upgrade. Check them out below.

The last slide is the interface where I remotely update the Norton 360 version on my laptop.

Pricing & Availability
The latest versions of Norton Internet Security and Norton AntiVirus are now available for purchase in Singapore through various retailers and the Norton online store at Norton 360 Multi-Device will be available for purchase from Oct 2012.
The MSRP for one year of protection of:

Norton 360 Multi-Device: SGD 99.00 for 3 devices; SGD 119.00 for 5 devices.

Norton Internet Security: SGD 49.00 for single PC; SGD 79.00 for up to three PCs.

Norton AntiVirus: SGD 39.00 for single PC; SGD 59.00 for up to three PCs.

Norton customers with a valid product subscription are eligible to receive the latest product updates via the subscription service model. For more information, visit the Norton Update center at

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