Catch Your Favourite Power98 DJs in Their Birthday Suits!

Ok, now that I have your attention here’s the deal. Power98 will be launching a Facebook  page accessible via this link (link will be live on Monday, 17th September 2012). Of course they will be expecting a lot of fans to like their page and so the Spiciest Threesome of Hubert Tang, Sonja Steinmetz and Jamie Yeo, from the Power98FM Power Breakfast, have been issued a spicy challenge.

They will take turns to Strip Down and be photographed lying in a bed of chillis. You won’t get to see them immediately though. Sonja will strip down after 15,000 likes, Hubert at 20,000 and Jamie at 25,000 likes. Just counting the strength of our armed service personnel alone, I do not think this is an impossible figure to achieve. If there are more than 35,000 likes, listeners will get to decide which other DJs they want to see Strip Down.

Honestly, I figure it will be weird when I meet Hubert at some of the events soon. At most I will probably gonna ask him how he can stand the chillis.

Fun Facts & Statistics:
- This is the First Time the three of them are ‘baring it’ for camera
- Over 40Kg of red hot chillis were used during the shoot
- The challenge was commissioned by the station’s programming consultant – Shareen Wong who was inspired by the movie ‘American Beauty’.



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