Nikon D600 Launch & Retail

Nikon D600

Nikon D600 was launched last week and will be available for retail on 18th September 2012. For the price of $3,249(body), it currently is one of the affordable full-frame DSLR camera available for enthusiasts looking to upgrade from APS-C or lower crop camera. It is one of the lightest full-frame DSLR camera at 760g and measuring 141mm by 113mm by 82mm (width, height and depth respectively).

One of the advantages of using the Nikon system is that, there are no distinct separation between lenses meant for full-frame (FX lens) and APS-S (DX lens). This is because the sensor for Nikon D600, will detect whether an FX or DX lens is fixed into the camera and will automatically present a cropped APS-C view if DX lens is detected. Conversely. even if a 2x teleconverter is used, automatic focussing (AF) is still operable at the narrow aperture of F8.

A teleconverter (sometimes called tele extender) is a secondary lens which is mounted between the camera and a photographic lens. Its job is to enlarge the central part of an image obtained by the objective lens. For example, a 2× teleconverter for a 35 mm camera enlarges the central 12×18 mm part of an image to the size of 24×36 mm in the standard 35 mm film format. Teleconverters are typically made in 1.4×, 1.7×, 2× and 3× models, of which 1.4× and 2× are most common. The use of a 2× teleconverter gives the effect of using a lens with twice the focal length. It also decreases the intensity of the light reaching the film by a factor of 4 (an equivalent of doubling the focal ratio) as well as the resolution (by a factor of 2). source: wikipedia


Nikon D600 Overview

Nikon D600 Overview
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Like Nikon D4, D800 and D800E, the D600 features the EXPEED 3 image-processing engine built into it and can capture images at the maximum resolution of 24.3megapixels, while the optical viewfinder gives a 100% frame coverage and having a magnesium-alloy weather-sealed protecting against dust and water. It is able to capture consecutive photos at 5.5fps.


  • an optical viewfinder with 100% frame coverage
  • Full-frame mode: 24.3 megapixels
  • DX-format crop mode: 10.5 megapixels
  • a magnesium-alloy weather-sealed body for dust and water-resistance
  • 3-D axis tracking with 39 focus points
  • built-in automatic HDR capturing/processing
  • time-lapse video function
  • dual SD memory card slots
  • ISO range from 100-6,400, expandable to 50 (Lo-1) and 25,600 (Hi-2)

Check out the Press Release below for more information.

Useful Information

Nikon D600
Megapixels 24.3 megapixels
Sensor FX-format CMOS (full-frame)
Image processing engine EXPEED 3
ISO 100-6,400 (Expanded: 50-25,600)
Burst mode 5.5 fps
LCD 3.2″, 920k dots, TFT colour
Movie Full HD 1080


HD 720


Size /mm 141 x 113 x 82
Weight 760 g
Price S$3,249