So You Got a New Phone, What Happened to the Old Phone? [Info-graphic]

Do you remember the Tammy incident? When a phone was misplaced, their indiscreet videos and photos spread like wild fire. What do you do when you got yourself a new phone? I assume you tried very much to remove the contacts, messages and any downloaded files. Be it feature phone or smartphone, there is usually a method of resetting the device to factory state, almost wiping out everything. I say almost because it really depends on the options you choose. Given the technological advances these days, it can be easier to undelete or revert a reset.

A recent poll conducted by Trend Micro amongst consumers in Singapore uncovered that 1 out of every 5 respondents dispose data-carrying devices down the rubbish chute. More and more people are having more than one mobile device, and are using them extensively in our daily lives – for work, financial transactions and social networking. Imagine someone else picking up that phone, and having access to your social life, that could definitely lead to a digital theft of your online personality. Someone else can assume your identity and cause unknown havoc on your social life. Worst if your financial transactions are revealed to the thieves, you may become victim to indiscernible threats against your financial life.

Check out this info-graphic for a typical life cycle of a smart phone.

Trend Micro Infographic - Stop! Think before you throw your device down the rubbish chute

Trend Micro Infographic – Stop! Think before you throw your device down the rubbish chute

Trend Micro urges for consumers in Singapore to be more conscious of their personal data, and keep protected at all vector points.  Here are some tips from Trend Micro’s Internet safety advocates, Trend Family, on how you can keep your personal data protected:

1.       Store your data in a secure cloud, so as to limit the number of physical storage devices, that data can be loss when misplaced

2.       Use a secure back-up and restore solution, to back up your personal information in a secure place, in case of infections in your data-carrying device

3.       Dispose of old data-carrying devices in a secure manner, by wiping them before returning the mobile devices to the manufacturer, who will also recycle the device

You can also head down to Nokia Care Centre to recycle your phones.



Nokia Care Centre

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#02-103-106, 1 Maritime Square, Singapore 099253
Business Hours: 10am – 9pm


Nokia Care Drop Off Point

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