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This is one entry in DadsForLife Forum that I find really touching. I will paste it here first and then share my own thoughts on it.

DadsForLifeWhen I Was… young, I wasn’t aware of the silent sacrifices Dad made for the family.

I remember… I did not like Dad because he tended to be aggressive. However, as I grew older, I began spending Nights awake, reflecting and thinking deeper into things. It was then that I started to realize many things I never knew. He suffers silently, always appearing strong in front to hold the fort. Much as I thought Mum was in control, Dad was actually Mum’s pillar of support. Dad gets injured, he never tells us. Dad does the heavy household chores for Mum. Dad always leaves the good food to us, and he eats the the rest of the unwanted stuff. There are just too many subtle sacrifices we never realized of Dad, and he never complains. He has been the unsung hero for too long, and it is time his contributions to the family are recognized. I hope to let him know through this event, that his children are grown up, and they really appreciate all that he has done. Nobody is perfect. You have hurt us, we have hurt you. You have cared for us, and we will to you. We’re a family, we accept and we love.

Dad, thank you for… all the sacrifices you made, and the unconditional love you gave us. Now, we will take care of

Many times, our fathers are not the most immediate favourite figures. They are usually the disciplinarian in the family, being really hard-nosed at most times. It is good to reflect, to know for sure that our fathers, our mothers – will always be there for us, despite our transgressions. They are definitely not the perfect beings – coming from an earlier generation where the concept of hardwork still hold the roost. The writer gave quite a good parting shot – for all the sacrifices made and the unconditional love, now we will take care of you.

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